How I Organize My Travel Plans Using TripIt

The season for travel will soon be here. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’ all charging ahead, TripIt can become your new best friend. I have been using TripIt for a good few years now and truly love it. Or as the cool kids say, I ❤️ it.

So, I am here to share the love.

Glo Abroad loves TripIt

TripIt In A Nutshell

TripIt is an online application available on desktop or mobile App. First you create an account. Then you ‘Forward’ any of your upcoming email confirmations to and TripIt will automatically pull the booking information out of the emails and build a master itinerary for you. Easy!

TripIt accepts different types of confirmation/booking emails for hotels, flights, car rental, trains, cruises, restaurants, tours, and more. If TripIt can’t pull the info off the Forwarded email (usually from those smaller ‘mum & dad’ outfits which don’t use a large automated system like American Airlines for example), it will put it in an “Unfiled” folder.  You can then either turn it into an entry or manually input the info which is very straightforward to do. (Don’t worry, I’m not here to give a tutorial on how to use the system, so that’s as technical as I will get right now.)

Why I Love And Would Recommend TripIt

  • All my travel info in one place. TripIt pulls all the booking/confirmation numbers, times, dates, address, and more, together so it means I do not have to go hunting through my emails to find the information.
  • Easily see “Past Trips”. I have a crap memory these days so when someone asks “where did you stay in Amsterdam?”, all I do is pull up my old itinerary and the answer is there.
  • ‘Travel’ without travelling. I am currently using TripIt to plan my in-laws’ upcoming visit to the UAE, and I used it to build an itinerary to send to my friends that visited in October. I can do this because TripIt has a “Not Traveler” option which means you can be a “Planner”. I love creating suggested itineraries for people to places I’ve been to. I’ve done it for years now and I will create itineraries for people that don’t even ask for one from me.
  • Trip Cost overview. If you enter cost details in all your entries, TripIt will calculate everything and give you a breakdown and overall cost of your trip.

Below are examples of the one dummy itinerary I created to demonstrate the types of info it would pull from confirmation emails for a flight, hotel, and restaurant reservation.

So Why Not Give It A Go?

Creating an account is free. The TripIt Pro account is $49US per year and it provides helpful travel insights for your trip. Jon had the Pro version at his last job and it did come in handy. We were notified when our flights were delayed and when our Gate had been changed at the last minute.

❤️ Lastly, whether you decide to try TripIt out or not, I wish everyone a happy and safe travel season.

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