Expat - New York

What does one buy first in New York?

Well in my case my first purchase was made in the World’s Largest Store, Macy’s (I am not sure if it IS the world’s largest store anymore.. but anyway)…

In Macy’s I purchased two Tommy H cowl-neck sweaters. Then we tramped over to H&M for some leggings and tights.

Yes, exciting. Especially for Husband.

Then to finish up the exciting day of purchases, we went to Food Emporium, where we only found out when we arrived it was closing down, so had limited choice of what to buy produce wise. However, I think we made up for it adequately by purchasing a whole bunch of non-perishable items.

The next day, Husband and I then went to Century 21 at Lincoln Square and purchased coats. I got a cool Andrew Marc jacket which has a furry hood.

Andrew March Pippa

Husband purchased a similar puffy type jacket with a hood.

Then we went to Whole Foods where we bought loads of fresh produce – yay. Fresh fruit and vegetables!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, we also purchased a Nutribullet where we will be drinking blasts of goodness. More on that to come later.

So our first two days of shopping resulted in some warm clothing, junk food, and healthy food.

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